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Ceramic Coating Now Available

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Carwash & Detailing

Our team are passionate about making your life easier so you can enjoy sweeter things in life. Let us give you your time back, while we give the experience of that new car feel once again.

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Over 20 Years of Experience in the Automotive Industry In Car Detailing.

Ceramic Coating, Carwash & Detailing
Ceramic Coating, Carwash & Detailing

If you are passionate about your car then we are convinced that Beans and Bubbles is for you.

Bean and Bubbles have over 20 years experience in providing professional car detailing and cleaning services to our customers.

We pride ourselves knowing that we are 100% hand wash. Giving the customer confidence knowing that their car is being treated with the uttermost care.

Outstanding Ceramic Coating
With Water Repelling
Nano Technology

Ceramic Coating, Carwash & Detailing
Ceramic Coating, Carwash & Detailing

nano ceramic coating, a scientifically formulated solution meant to penetrate microscopic imperfections, fill those gaps in the top range of the nanoscale, and provide a layer of protection that’s nearly as strong as solid quartz. 9H ceramic coating work by bonding with the existing surface to form a protective nano-ceramic shield on the surface.

Nano polymers bond with the surface and create an invisible shield with extreme hardness. It’s this hardness and protective coat that permits the car’s exterior to look great with minimal maintenance.

This paint coating allows the sub surface to remain better protected and minimizes preventable damage from staining and damaging protected surfaces.

Nano ceramic coatings are ideal in preventing and minimizing damage including chemical stains, UV damage and oxidation with easier cleaning requirements and an enhanced gloss.

our Values

We are Qualified & Professional

On your first visit to Beans and Bubbles the relationship is between us and your car. As the relationship grows it transforms into a relationship with the customer through their car. Its apart of trusting that your car is in the best of hands.  Building relationships is important to us as we love family and we want our customers to feel apart of the Beans and Bubbles family as well.

If attention to detail is important to you then you will be pleased to know that we hold ourselves in high esteem when it comes to having an eye for detail. Thus making sure our Beans and Bubbles staff are trained to a very high standard.

We are passionate about people and creating purpose. One way we do this is through our 100 % hand wash which means no use of machinery. Thus creating more local jobs.

Our staff are important to us hence why we are passionate about creating opportunities for our staff members and coming alongside in their dreams and goals. 


With our Gold package you will receive a mini detail.  This includes a premium hand wash and an interior clean. You are also  entitled to our unlimited $11 express hand washes through out the month,  scratch removal ,touch ups and a finial shine.  Once you have reached your 6 visit you will receive a free POLISH on us!!



Our Silver package are for those who don’t need all the added extras. In this package you will receive a mini detail . This includes a premium hand wash and an interior clean. You are also entitled to discounted washes through out the month.




Our Bronze package are for those who just want our team to focus their attention on exterior of their car.  In this package you will receive a premium hand wash.





Our Royal are for those who want to experience a treatment package without going to extent of a mini detail.  Your centre console and dash will shine, treated with our top amour shine.

(mini detail)

Get back that WOW  feeling through our mini detail. You will be treating your car to our top treatment package with an entire make over.

Full detail

If your looking to sell your vehicle than we recommend getting our Full detail. We will have your car looking even better than the first day you brought it.  What makes this detail our best as it show cases our years of experience. 

Budget package

We understand people work within a budget. So we have created a package where we work with you. Come in and see us. 



Here at Beans and Bubbles we hold ourselves highly and are well known for our ability and skill when it comes to polishing. When done well it entirely rejuvenate the Vehicle exterior finish. 

This process is gentle and will get rid of  the strongly firmed surface contaminates and paint defects. Your vehicle surface will be smooth and you will get a good reflection to the point were you will be able to see yourself. Put your sunnies on!!


Imagine Your Car Like New Again

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